January 15, 2013

Email 1-11-13

Hello family!!                                                          
Thanks for your letters this week! I loved reading the letter from you, dad. It is especially pertinent as of right now in my life in the MTC. It’s funny how the little decisions like that can affect us in the biggest of ways. We have been focusing a lot on obeying with exactness lately. And who knows, if we were to leave 10 minutes early for lunch, miss reading something in the scriptures; If one of our investigators were to ask us a question that I don’t know the answer to…. Maybe if we would have read for those extra minutes, we would be able to answer this person’s question. Maybe we wouldn't read it specifically like that, but being exact in obeying qualifies us to have the spirit with us. We would have the opportunity to be inspired as to what to say! We can’t ever not do the small things and risk it affecting us in a huge way.
We went to the Temple today. I went in with a question this time. Before we went in, I prayed that I may be inspired as to how to handle/answer my question. Or even know how to handle it. So we got in, everything was pretty much the same as usual, but during the prayer it was different. A little extra bit was added about "the missionaries in the congregation today" and went on to talk about some things. He answered my question word for word. No exaggeration, I was sitting there thinking about it in my head, and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! It was a firm confirmation.
Brother H____ forwarded me a letter from Elder P____. It has to do the same thing. He had a talk with his companion about being completely, one hundred percent obedient! We will indeed be blessed beyond belief if we do things with a sincere heart.
I don’t want to not be able to dance with the cute girl in class because I have a hole in my sock! (Thanks for taking one for the team dad.. letting me learn from your mistakes) =) I want to study hard, and be perfectly obedient so the spirit may be with me continually. Having the opportunity to be inspired to say the right thing at the right moment. What more can I ask for than to have inspired words come from my mouth in the way that our investigators need to hear it! As well as the gift of tongues!
I've witnessed missionaries leave the MTC speaking Portuguese like they’ve been studying for months. How is that possible?? I'll tell you! :) This program is an inspired program straight from the leaders of the church. What a better feeling that to witness all of the blessings every single day here.
My companion is no longer sick. I am still writing in my journal daily!, Tell everyone HI for me! Any news on J___/M___serving?? I continue to pray for everyone. I'm glad dad is enjoying the nova!! :) Tell me something you have studied recently! Gospel related or not! :)
Thanks for writing me so much, I appreciate it soo much!
Love everyone!
Love, Elder Kyler Blane Farr
ps. looks like we might be here all 9 weeks? No news on visas and I/they don’t think they’ve even been processed yet! Either way.. I’m where I’m supposed to be either way!
=) Can’t wait to hear from you.. Thank you for taking so much time to write. I know you're super busy. Take a break every once in a while for me!