January 6, 2013

Email 1-4-13 Part 1

Hello family!
Not much has changed here at the MTC. The stomach flu was going around, just like a 24 hour bug. My companion got it, he was throwing up so much he got dehydrated and passed out twice. It was crazy, so I took him to the health clinic and he slept there for like 6 hours, got some fluids in him and what not. He is doing fine now, but for those 2 days he was bed ridden. I heard that like 300 people had it here. So we weren't allowed to shake hands with anyone or hug. So we elbow bumped only!! It was so crazy that a sickness can wipe through a place in a matter of a couple days. I think it's mostly passed now. I am so glad it missed me!

But while my companion was in bed, they let me still go to class and I had a lesson to teach. Elder J____ offered to teach with me, it was the first visit with this investigator. The lesson was so good! We taught the restoration, we knew all of the words and it just went super well! I think it was the spirit doing all of the talking, but it is still amazing. The fact that all of the missionaries here, only having been here for a short while can teach lessons about the church in a way that our investigators can understand. I have been working on conjugations during language study time recently so our sentences make more sense. There is so much more to learn, but it is happening more and more every day.

As today is p-day, we went to the temple this morning and we ate breakfast at the temple. Next to actually being at the temple, breakfast is the best part of p-day! The food is blessed! seriously, compared to the food here, it is amazing. I actually feel good after I eat there.. Here, at the MTC the food is good.. but it gives everyone gas. I still love it here! As a district, we have been working more on studying during all of our study times. Sometimes we get distracted, being in the room for hours at a time.. It gets very repetitive. We have been working so hard, and we've decided to start every study session with a prayer to have the spirit there. It does help, this past week we have been way more focused than ever before. I think 7 of the elders in my zone got their visas today. I was super bummed that I didn't get mine, but then I thought! Wait, Nate only has a little while before he gets here. I am hoping I get to see him before I 'm off to Brazil!

I am still enjoying my time here, trying my best to get along with everyone I come in contact with! My district is awesome, Our teachers are the best!! I got the New Years package from you today! Thank you so much!! The pictures were great to see!! They challenge us to read out of the little white handbook every night, 5 pages.

I hope you had a super happy New Year!! :) We did some crazy stuff here for new years!! Got some snacks out of the vending machine! Wrote in my journal! Had Companionship prayers! It was intense!! We didn't get to bed until like 10:30!! ahahah.. just kidding that's what I do every night.. But that's okay, because I love it!!

I have a spiritual thought, but I forgot it in my notebook. I will e-mail it later when I have access to a computer when I have my suit on..

Love everyone! Keep sending dear elders! It is great to have something from you as much as possible!
I'll hopefully write my thought in about 3 hours!

Elder Kyler Blane Farr