January 15, 2013

Letter 1-7-13

Minha Familia!!

NO!! Google translation is so dumb!!

· Through Faith and Prayer we can know the truth of many things
· I love this church with all my heart
· I love you guys
· I am grateful for the opportunity to learn the Portuguese language
· I am grateful for the gift of tongues

I guess it was okay! Because the computer I was using didn’t have the capability to use accents and what not! J My fault!

I have study time (additional) and I wanted to work on learning more of the language about testimonies. So I will put it into a letter for you! J

(next is a huge paragraph of Portuguese, which I deeply desire to do the translating of… if I need help, there are several people I know that could help me but I want to give it a shot first! I’ll send it as soon as it’s in English!)

Elder Kyler continues: Ha Ha! That’s just a start! You don’t need to translate and write it back because it’s kind of long! But you can if you want to!! J

Ummm!!! I pray for all of you every day! I would say that about half of the prayers that I say in a day include something about praying for all of you! And we/I say about a million prayers in a day! So that’s a lot of prayers for you!! J I really hope everyone is doing well, and just know that I am having so much fun learning and teaching the Gospel!

One thing I love to say in all of our first lessons is Joseph Smith’s First Vision! Primero Visao!!

(Then… more Portuguese!!!)

Elder Kyler continues: From memory!! J My second greatest accomplishment! The Spirit is so strong when we can recite that from memory!

I also memorized the 4th Article of Faith in Portuguese. I plan on using it this week as we commit “Augusto”, our investigator, to Baptism!! J I can’t wait. We were supposed to do it right now, but my companion esta (sorry) is sick so we can’t right now L I’ll let you know how it goes!

I love you all so much! I love this experience! My time is almost up! But, yeah! Love you, you’re all awesome!! I pray daily for you! Elder Kyler Blane Farr