January 24, 2013

Letter 1-19-13

Okay! First, the talk that you read about by the T____, the one by Elder Holland, that was here! Ha ha!! I watched it! He was the speaker for our Tuesday night devotional. That was my favorite part as well, when he talked about how it doesn’t matter how many people you baptize or convert or anything! All that matters is that you are converted! It was amazing; He dedicated 2 new residence halls, and one building for classrooms. It was one of the most powerful meetings/talk I have ever been in! Elder Holland has a way with his words. I love it! 
After the devotional we have a devotional overview where we talk about certain things that stuck out for us, or something specific that we just liked about it, just with our district. As we began talking about it, the spirit was so strong in that meeting! It was amazing. All of us were teary eyed; some people were bawling. It was incredible. I was thinking to myself, what else in this world could make a group of 19-23 year old people cry like that.. NOTHING! Except for the spirit of course :) Once again we had temple day, and we went early to eat breakfast there. I love the food there so much! But the most important part is not the food, but of course the ordinances that we get to participate in! Every time I go I see or hear something that’s new! It’s so cool!

I saw Elder R____! =) My district got to be some of the host missionaries to show the new missionaries to their classrooms, residence halls, and to get their name tags, and get books and what not. I saw the airport shuttle coming, and I didn’t know if N___ would be driven up or flown. But I was looking at the van or people, thinking to myself if I wanted to go host any of them. Then I looked in the passenger side window and it was N___! It was so great! So I took him to all of the different places, we talked for a little, got some pictures and what not. I’m going to go to the health office and see if we can get a "cookie appointment" set up so that Sister J____ can get a picture and send it to you! I loved that time with him! It was so much fun to talk about the missions, and what goes on here. Our schedules are basically opposite though! So, I don’t know how often I’ll get to see him from now on.

Pretty much the only time when we get too terribly cold here is when we walk to the temple, and even then it only takes about fifteen minutes so it’s no big deal! I’m fine. Brother H____ mentioned something about his niece being here? I’ll keep my eyes open, but I’m not sure of the likelihood of me seeing her.

We taught a lesson yesterday, a first lesson for one of the new teachers that we got. It was amazing. It was the first lesson here that I actually thought that a real investigator would have gotten something significant from it. I mean, all of our lessons are good, the investigator understands us, and we understand them, but yesterday the spirit was there! I was shaking afterwards! It was the best feeling!

This is so much fun! Elder R____ kept telling me how amazing it was here. I think since we do the same things every day I just lost that feeling of, this is amazing what we are doing here!! It made me realize that this is truly amazing! I love it! I love teaching the gospel!! :)

Um VISAS! Looks like they are not going to come before our 9 weeks is over. I think it’s pretty set that we're going stateside for a little while before. It’s like I’m getting my mission call again! We are taking bets of where we're going to go. I just hope it's warm!

Love you, Elder Kyler Blane Farr