January 28, 2013

Letter 1-25-13

Oi Familia!
I've seen Elder R____ pretty much every day since I’ve been here, it’s so awesome! Every chance I get, I go up and say hi!

Ummm guess who else I saw.....?? Elder C____! From St. George. E____ P____ friend. Anyways.. I talked to him for a little while, just talking about the mish and what not. He is pretty awesome!

The Elders in the district just older than us got reassigned yesterday, I’ve only heard where one is going, and he's going to Alabama! He seemed pretty excited I guess. I'm super nervous for it, because I think I can teach better in Portuguese right now than I can in English. Maybe this is the Lords way of "making" me learn more of the gospel in depth, in English! But the Lord is here to help me; I know that for a fact! We still have one more week to get our VISAS though but it doesn’t seem likely. They already have our names on the list for temporary reassignment. So next week I’ll know for sure if I’m going to Brazil, or I’ll have my new/temporary call! I know when/if we were to get our VISAS we get to call home for like 5 minutes or something, I'm not sure, but I think they'd do the same if we get reassigned! I hope.
Umm.. There is an Elder S_____ here. I can’t remember where he’s from, but he has familia in California where a T____ married a S____. I can’t remember their names!! Ill get them to you. His uncle is named T____. That’s all I remember.
Anyways! Not a whole lot of new stuff has happened here at the MTC. We committed the sister missionaries (acting as investigators) to baptism, which was exciting! And one of our teachers (Irmao (Brother) H____) acting as one of the investigators that he taught on his mission ( A____ ), we committed him to baptism too! We have a few more lessons before the (fake date) baptism. Even though this is all just acting, it’s so fun. The feeling of helping people come unto Christ is so fun! :)

Me and Elder W____, a member of my district, gave the sacrament prayers in Portuguese in sacrament meeting. Everyone said we did well and it sounded good! I was so nervous, and I was shaking. I felt like I did when I did it for my first time in English!! But it was so fun. I love speaking in Portuguese! Which is good, considering I’ll be speaking it for the next 2 years.. besides the next few weeks! :)

During one of the lessons we were explaining about the restoration of the Gospel, and we started into the Joseph Smith story. And we know it well enough to explain simply for investigators, but I was thinking to myself - I want to know exactly what happened, from start to finish. So I opened my handy dandy scriptures to Joseph Smith History. And BOOM! It’s all there! I read it quite often. That’s why we're here, to explain this gospel to others and give them the opportunity to accept it and gain a testimony for themselves! Read it! What's the harm! We get to learn about the person that started this whole thing! James 1:5 is the best. When our investigator has a question, we go there and explain to them that if they have a question about religion they need to ask God! Then we explain about this boy named Joseph Smith that had the same question and did exactly that. He asked God. And he got an answer! What’s a greater feeling than knowing we have a Heavenly Father that can help us with anything in the world!? I'll tell you, there is no greater feeling. I know for myself. A mission is not easy, and I’m not even to the hard part yet! I have prayed and I have received answers! Eu amo este evangelho! (Translation – I Love this Gospel!) I know that Joseph Smith did what he did by the power of God! I know that God answers our prayers.

Go read Joseph Smith History. Go read James 1:5 like Joseph did. And pray to know for yourself if it is true. Then ponder on that prayer. Listen for the answer that the Holy Ghost WILL give you.

I don’t want to sound preachy, but I know we are blessed when we do as we are supposed to.

Love, Elder Kyler Blane Farr