May 1, 2013

Email 4-29-13

So, This week was awesome! I never thought, before the mission how it would be to have a companion that you have to stay with ALL of the time.  It´s kind of annoying sometimes. I like to have time to myself sometimes, but that doesn't exist on the mission. It´s not a bad thing, It´s just a little bit different!  Spending every moment of every day with the same person.... it's evident that you´ll get a bit annoyed with them. :)

This week we taught D____ and his family the Gospel Of Jesus Christ.  They responded super well.  After we got done teaching I got the opportunity to invite them to be Baptized. The whole family is pretty chill, and laid back. I have never seen them get so excited. We talked about marriage afterwards too and they have decided to make that happen!!  Marriage takes about a month to go through completely here, so the end of this transfer or the beginning of the next it will be complete. The mom, and two of the children will enter into this sacred covenant with the lord! As D____ is already a member.  It´s super exciting.  The first visit, the mom couldn't stop talking about the Evangelical Church and how it's such a blessing in their lives.  But now, all she can talk about is how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has blessed her life, and how it will continue to bless her life and the lives of her family. Its awesome to see the spirit work on people, and help them realize what is true!

We have been focusing a little bit on getting new investigators this past week . We went to talk to one of our former investigators, he wasn't home, but his sister came to the door.  She´s 18 as of yesterday.  We taught her the first lesson in about 15 minutes and invited her to be baptized after she comes to know it´s true.  She accepted, and said she would do all she can to prepare for it.  It is truly amazing how the lord is constantly preparing people to accept the message that we have to share.  Some people think we invite others to be baptized on the first visit so we will have more numbers.  It is 100% wrong. We do it so people will have a goal.  It is a preparation.

This week some members of our ward will start ``English with music`` Teaching anybody and everybody the basics of English using music; to explain the grammar, and pronunciation.  It is a great opportunity to give some service and it will be in the Chapel.  So we will have the opportunity to invite others to come unto Christ.  The ward has a goal of giving 5 references to us each week . If this happens, which I think it will, missionary work will explode in our ward!!  Our chapel is in a duplex right now.  They have a plot of land already picked out to build a chapel, but they need an average of 120 people attending every week.  We have about 95 right now.  But with our new ward mission leader things are about to change.  The bishop said the past couple companionship's were slackers, but now we are doing everything we can to pick up where they left off!!

The family of C____, he has 3 daughters between 15 and 19.  We are still teaching them. They are progressing so well.  They are going to seminary, the church meetings, and other activities in the church.  And they're making friends with the youth too!  This family was a reference from one of the members of our ward. I was thinking, what if he never talked to us about them.  Nothing would have happened.  But now, they´re learning so much about the scriptures, and about the restored gospel, because one man went a little bit out of his way to give us a name.  We never know what will come from giving a name to the missionaries until after we do it!  With members helping the missionaries, it is so much more productive.  It gets the members excited about the work, and it gives a friend to the people investigating!

We will be skyping in the chapel I think.  And calling too, I'm pretty sure.  Between 1 and 5 should be perfect.  I´ll talk with my comp. and let you know next week!! :)  And, pancakes are pretty common here too.  But they make a pancake, fold it over and put meat inside of it.  They´re super good!!  And my companion has 11 months on the mission and has only had one Brazilian companion.  His trainer was American, and they made pancakes almost every day.  Just now, before e-mailing we made french toast!  Its a good change.  Not that the food here is bad, it´s just gets a little bit old I guess.. eating the same exact things every single day!!  But, only 19 more months eating it!!  H aha.. Just kidding.. It´s great!! The people are amazing.

My comp, and the members are always telling me I speak well.  We have a goal of doing 10 street contacts every day.  And we do them most of the time.  But I did one two days ago, and I started talking and the lady just starting laughing.  Not just a little chuckle, but straight up rolling on the floor laughing!!  I wasn´t sure what to do!!  So I asked, "Are you laughing because I don't speak very well??"  She responded.. "No, I just didn't expect this HUGE American boy to be able to speak our language.. "  I was kind-of.. I don't know.   It was just weird..   But afterwards Elder P____ said, "Man... you just brought so much joy to her day!!"  He made me realize, that even when we look stupid sometimes, it´s for the benefit of others :)

I saw my friend again yesterday!!   The one that talked with me every single day the first 2 weeks here.  He got a haircut, shaved..  And he actually looks pretty good!   He didn't preach this time either.  But he just started asking questions about why we were there.  I was so surprised!  We invited him to church, and he said he would go if he had clothes like us.  We told him everyone is welcome, no matter what clothes they have!! :)

One man was so wasted during one of the conference sessions.  He didn't have a shirt on.  But he walked by the chapel and asked if he could join us. We see him every once in a while, but he only wants to talk to us when he's drunk!  Must be something about feeling terrible, and wanting to change his life!  Just goes to show that everyone and anyone is welcome to come learn about our wonderful message!!

This week was so awesome!!  As are all of the weeks :)  I´m so glad I'm here.  Everything is awesome!  Hope all is well with everyone else too!!

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr!!