May 16, 2013

Email 5-6-13

This week was awesome!!

Since I've been losing so much weight, my blood pressure has been super low. We went to the doctors, and he checked it, it was low there too. And he ran a test on my heart. Everything is fine but he wants to make sure that nothing will go wrong in the future. I have a few more appointments in the coming week. But it's good to get all this straightened out! He cut the amount of meds I take in half. That’s good too! :)

But, when we left the doctors office, we were in the terminal waiting for the bus to arrive and it was FULL. There were so many people it was ridiculous. When the bus finally arrived, there were so many people pushing and shoving. We finally got onto the bus, about 10 minutes into our trip and I noticed my name tag was gone! I looked all over the bus on the floor but it was gone! :(   We got to our area, went home to get my other name tag, and went to the Chapel for a meeting. The first thing the Bishop said to me when we got there was that he saw some kid wearing my name tag in the street... He had no idea who he was, and neither did we. After the meeting we just went walking to try to find this kid, with no luck. Ha Ha. We were kind of annoyed, so we went and bought a pizza. While we were at home waiting for the pizza to be delivered we heard a clap outside our apartment. I went out, and there was a kid standing there with my name tag! :)  He gave it to me and told me the story of how he saw me get pushed in the terminal and he picked up my name tag afterwards, as he was waiting for another bus. I don't know how he knows where we live, but it was awesome! He told us the reason why he brought it back is because he wants to learn more about what we do. He agreed to come to church, and we will be setting up an appointment to go teach him. It’s funny, the ways the Lord puts people in our paths. We will have a new investigator only because I got pushed in the bus terminal! I love it.

We did exchanges with the zone leaders this week. I went to their area with another American. I thought, yay, maybe I’ll get to speak English!! But, no. I tried for a little bit. But without speaking English for 8 weeks, it’s hard. It was like half English, half Português. But it was fun. We had a good day there. We got back to their apartment and they don't have fans! Living in Brazil and they don't have a fan. I'll just say that I didn't sleep that night. I woke up wet with sweat.. I love the mission ;)

We did another exchange too. Elder P____ went to their area to do a baptismal interview  (he’s the district leader ) So Elder B____ came here to Jatobá. We had an awesome day!! We taught a man that we met that same day. He’s trying to stop drinking, and he's looking for the truth! He’s so prepared it’s not even funny! He accepted the invitation to be baptized and everything. We’ll meet with him again Tuesday and see how his reading in the Book of Mormon went, and teach the rest of his family, his wife and 2 kids!

Everything else has been pretty normal! We walk a lot! (33lbs lost total!) It’s hot! But I love it. This is the best decision I have ever made!!

We get our mail from the zone leaders; they pick it up from the mission office and give it to us once a week at our district meetings.  We are on a 6 week transfer, but this one is only 5, not sure why.  Elder P____ has 5 months here in Jatobá.

Remember, you’re great!!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr