May 16, 2013

Mom Notes from E-Chat on 5-6-13

Hello - so here are the new things I learned while e-chatting with Elder Kyler on Monday:

He is guaranteed 2 transfers in Jatobá because he is training.  They think Elder P____ will be transferred during the upcoming transfer, but they're not sure.    But either way, he says, all is well.

He can call on Sunday, Mother's day, for 10 minutes - just to set up a time to skype on Monday.  (We can't wait!!!!)

Daniel and his family are still going strong. - they haven't missed a church meeting since the first time Elders Farr and P____ met them!  They are setting up a date for marriage and after that Kyler hopes he will be able to baptize his kids!

He lamented that there's only 19 more months and it's really sad how fast it is going.  At the beginning he thought, "Wow.. this is forever!!!"  But now, in no time he'll be home -- all skinny and brown!!!"

In the name tag story, he mentioned the boy that brought his name tag back to him clapped at the front gate to announce himself and they went out to greet him.  I asked if people there clap instead of knocking.  He said, 'Yes, because there is usually a gate, and then a door ten feet or so behind the gate. So they clap, because there's nothing to knock on!  Ha ha  I love it!!!"  He also said that all of the houses have the gates.  They're pretty interesting.  He thinks they use them because they keep everything cool - every little bit helps when it's that hot there!

Jatobá is at the very end of Fortaleza, almost into Maracanau.

Then he wrote - "Ha Ha ... I just had to ask my comp. a question.  I looked at him and asked him in English!!  Ha ha ha ha... It's weird trying to switch back and forth between languages.  Writing here in English, then talking to every single person here in Portuguese!

He is doing better with the heat and loves us all!   He said, "See ya next week!!"  and my heart caught in my throat!  We can hardly wait!!