April 1, 2014

Email 3-24-14

This week was super great! 

There is a member family that we have been working with recently trying to get them to give us references and what not. They are awesome people but they didn’t trust in the missionaries in the past very much and that carried onto us. There have been alot of really bad missionaries in this ward and when we got here no one wanted to give us a hand in anything.  We kept going and going working hard and now the people are realizing our work.  This couple finally ended up giving us a reference of a couple.  This couple had been living together, unmarried for like 9 years and a year ago out of nowhere they got married.. why?!? (I love how God prepares his children for us)  We started teaching them and the ward started making friendship with them. They went to church last Sunday, loved it, we taught them everything this last week and they asked us to be baptized Sunday (yesterday).  They are people that were prepared by God and they didn’t even know it. The wife said, ``I have gone into basically every church in this city and I have never felt the feelings I felt in the church of Jesus Christ.``  She went on to say obviously people feel good in other churches that talk about God, but the feeling leaves when you leave the church, but not here!  We had a devotional after the baptism and left the microphone open for people to share experiences and stuff and they both bore their testimonies. It was an awesome meeting. 

There is also a family where the mom is a return missionary that went inactive. She is returning to church and like three months ago her kids were baptized.  The Dad had had some problems and decided to wait a little bit to be baptized.  We showed up here and he finally marked his own date, which was yesterday too! We opened up this transfer with three baptisms.  The ward is exploding with excitement!   It is so awesome to see the people have the same excitement that us missionaries have. 

Write the names of the people that you love onto a piece of paper with their addresses. Give the paper to the missionaries. It’s so easy! 

John 3:5 Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

How are our friends going to enter into the kingdom of God if we don’t introduce them to the truth!?   It’s not just any ole baptism..   It’s a baptism done by some that holds the authority of God;  Someone that received it by the laying on of hands.  Just give the reference to the missionaries and they’ll know what to do with it.  We are called of God to Baptize these people.

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
More info:  bold type is his words exactly, fine type is me paraphrasing
  :)  they're the first couple I taught and baptized on the mission!   President gives us a tie! :)  speaking of the couple baptized yesterday
By the way, I forgot to tell you... In California I bought a belt to use.   I used the very first belt loop.... now I’m on the last,   I’m about to have to make a new loop.. I’ve gone down SEVEN belt loops!  Ha ha ha ha
I’ve lost 27 kilos!    (which is 59.5 pounds!!!)  He also said that his current comp's mother is a nutritionist and has been giving them a lot of tips and that the rest of the weight he wants to lose should go off pretty quickly with what they are doing.   Coca cola is really big there and everyone drinks it - that's one of the things he's stopped doing,.  All the girls/women in the ward get kind of mad at him and call him a picky American but he just tells them that he's going home soon and he wants to go home beautiful!  So then they laugh and think it's funny!!
It’s so easy just to fall into habits. 
I’ve noticed that when someone falls into a habit, it’s easier to just let everything else go too. 
My companion always says this when helping investigators with addictions:
If you want to cut off your arm, is it better to make a thousand little cuts throughout a month, or cut it off in one go? The pain will be bigger, but it’s only one pain then it’s over!
That’s what I did (with soda, etc.) and it’s working! ;)
They have a lesson to teach tonight and then having FHE with the couple that was just baptized and a member family.
He bought new pants and now his comp can't tease him about wearing pajamas all the time anymore!!!  He says that if he can't find someone to 'reduce' his shirts, he will have to buy new shirts too!
He's doing great -- is so happy and working so hard and his testimony has grown so much! 
 I'll send some pics next.