April 21, 2014

Email 4-21-14

Today is a holiday, and none of the LAN houses are open. We came to this one and begged the guy to open up for a bit so we could send these e-mails out. Which also means we have way less time. 
Today will be short, but know I love all of you and I am so grateful for the support from each and every one of you. I´m glad you´re doing well, mom recovering nicely and what not.
We baptized G. yesterday and have two dates marked for next week with two more possibles.
This video was sent to me and I wanted to share it with everyone.. There´s a ton of views so I bet most of you have already seen it. 
But thank you so much for everything. You´re the best! :)
 Additional news from the very few minutes of e-chat:
This whole Easter week is a holiday! HA ha ha   this week was tough to find people home/in the street to teach...
I wanted to send the pics this week, but I forgot the stuff.. but next week for sure..I think, ha ha ha because next week is transfers.
..... I think prez will take zone leaders out of this area and put a regular companionship here.. The member’s don’t really help. They say they´ll do a bunch but never do anything.   Maybe we´ll both leave, maybe not I don’t know. 
Today is HOTTT!!!! It´s been burning hot these passed couple days!
( so I looked up the weather in Fortaleza (isn't it amazing we can do that!) and it says it's 88 but feels like 92 with 40 to 50% chance of rain and the humidity says it's 82 -89% today and tonight!   No wonder it's so hot!   He says the rain always makes it worse, because of the humidity and it's warm rain, not cool and refreshing like here in Flag!)
And that was all we heard this week – the LAN guy must have told them it was time to go!!   BUT I am so grateful
to him for opening up long enough to communicate.   I hope he will be blessed for his service and kindness to those missionary boys and their waiting families!