April 17, 2014

Email 4-14-14

So, remember that lady that i talked about last week!? The one that´s super elect and was prepared to receive the Restored Gospel!?!? And she has a son that´s super awesome too!?!? YEAH, THEM!
Well, they were baptized on Saturday. It was one of the best baptisms that I have ever seen. After the ordinance the Bishops Counselor asked her to go up to the pulpit and bear her testimony. She was a little bit hesitant, but went up and stunned everybody. For someone that has only had contact with the church for like three weeks, and that doesn´t have a ton of knowledge of the Gospel, just a huge desire, she surprised everybody!   It was awesome.   She´s great.   She made me and my companion feel good.    She talked about how great we are, and how we helped her and her son so much and what not. But the best things that she said were her feelings in the moment. When she went into the water, knowing that she wasn’t just taking a bath, but being baptized by someone that holds the Priesthood Authority of God, a baptism that God recognizes. It was way cool!
Lots of things fell through this week, it was kind of discouraging, but we know our purpose, and there´s nothing that will keep me from fulfilling it. 
I love this work, I love the way I feel when we help others. I love baptizing people because I know what that person turns into, doing this ordinance. This Gospel, and the church, are perfect. 
I hope everybody is well. Thanks for the love and support! :)
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr