April 17, 2014

Email 4-7-14

This week was good. I´ll be kind of quick today due to time, and we´ll be doing a project here at the Lan House. We have some sweet plans to make this ward excited about missionary work. 
That lady and her son that I was talking about, we taught them everything and they were interviewed and everything was perfect, but the mom had a little health problem so the baptism will be next week!   But they are so awesome, so elect.   They are some of the most prepared people I have met on my mission.
Remember that couple I was talking about a long time ago where we started the marriage process then they kind of disappeared??   Yeah, well we did it!   We took them to conference.   It was awesome!   They loved it.   I was thinking, if there is one meeting that we HAVE to take our investigators to.. it’s conference! 
We ended up with five investigators at conference. It was supposed to be more but we had to go to the stake center which is kind of long.
Conference was awesome!!   I took notes, but I forgot them at home, so probably next week I’ll make some comments about that.
We have two companionships working in our ward and I was kind of mad at the ward and the other companionship because the members give them dinner all the time, and it seems like they do everything for them and nothing for us.   It´s just because they live next door to the bishop, and we live on the other side of the area from them.   Anyways, we were talking to the bishop about the marriage of that couple and how it would be 100 more reais to finish the process, and the bishop opens up his wallet and hands us a bill of 100 reais!  Every little piece of negativity towards him that I was feeling, LEFT!    It´s just the stress that comes from the mission.   Stress doesn't make anything better.. it just makes us suffer.   Everything is going well for me, I’m happy and working my tail off! 
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
Have a great week!
He also said that this is the hardest area he’s been in so far and that he didn’t want to mention the stuff in the last paragraph because he’s doesn’t want to appear to be a murmurer!!!   He feels like they ‘ waste’ a lot of money on buses and food and it’s stressful but when we reminded him that he’s not wasting any money, he’s just taking care of his needs while serving the Lord in Fortaleza and the Lord will work it out – just keep working hard like he’s been doing, he thanked us and accepted our advice and replied that the Lord really is making everything work out!   He’s been very fortunate up to now to be in areas where the members feed them not only lunch but dinner, and take really good care of them.
He also said that when he gets his suit ‘reduced’ and new shirts bought that actually fit and are not huge on him, he’s not going to send anymore pics of him home.  He wants to surprise us!  He doesn’t think we will recognize him when he gets off the plane!   In fact, he said that he looked at himself in the mirror the other day and almost didn’t recognize himself!!!  Ha ha ha     I wrote him that although I respect his desire to surprise us, I don’t think I could bear to go 8 months without a pic of him, so please stand behind people or bushes or buildings, but send us more pics!!!  J
He sends his love