April 1, 2014

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This week was good!

Ha ha the stress continues! But it´s all good.

This was the week of complications. Every appointment that we set, fell. We are learning more patience every day that passes. 

We went contacting one day and met a lady, which is normal considering we meet people like her every day but we felt something different about her. 
We marked to pass by her house the next day.
When we went there the next day she said she had forgotten about us but we could still share our message. We talked a bit and got to know her and her son and then shared the message of the Restoration. They are awesome.
During the lesson she kept interrupting us and saying ´´that´s not what they teach in my church.`` ha ha so, we turned to the Bible and looked at what God says. She understood well and wanted to learn more. She accepted the invitation to go to church to see how it is and she accepted the baptismal invitation. 
There´s a man in this ward that has a big VW van that he takes us along, every single Sunday morning to pick up our investigators.   So, as we passed by there she was outside waiting for us thinking that we would never come.  She is amazing! 
Her son is a little bit more shy and reserved but we put him in the middle of all of the young men in the ward and they all made him feel welcome!

Out of all of the things that happened this week, this lady made up for all of it!   I´ll be sending pics of her baptism next week ;)

I´m kind of sick, but that´s part.. you have to suffer a little bit to make sure everybody else can be saved. There exists many paths, but only one leads to God. I testify that THIS path, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is the only path that gives us happiness during this life, and salvation in the life to come.

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
He also said that it's so hot you can't sleep without a fan blowing on your face,  but that gives you a cold!  He has had a cold about 80% of his mission.   His fan broke so they slept on the floor under the ceiling fan and that's what triggered the current cold!  He should get a new fan from mission office tomorrow!

It has been allowed for them to watch "Frozen" today.  He doesn't know anything about it but I told him to watch for the song "Let it Go" and imagine his little 19 month old nephew singing,  "Ded dit doe.... ded dit doe"  in his big boy voice!!  It's so cute!!   Ky said he can't imagine Liam doing that - he was just born!!  He said it's weird to imagine things at home still going and going..!  I replied that it will be weird for him to see all the changes when he gets home.  He said  it feels like it will never come and he can't imagine doing anything else but this (missionary work).   He says HI EVERYONE!!!   and sends hugs too!! 

If you would like to write him:

Elder Kyler Blane Farr
Brasil Fortaleza Mission
Av. Santos Dumont, 1789 - sala 1612
60150 - 160 Aldeota - Fortaleza - CE

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