June 23, 2014

Email 6-9-14

ELDER KYLER                                      9 JUNE 2014

Okay, so last week after I sent my e-mail my companion went home and said he wasn't feeling well, had a fever and what not.. So we didn’t end up leaving that night.  He woke up at nine At NIGHT and was suppeerr sick and we called Sister Souza and she called a taxi for us to go to the Hospital.  We got there and stayed until midnight, taking tests and what not.   We slept there at the secretaries house because it´s near the Hospital and the next morning we went back to the Hospital to get the tests..   Just to make a long story short, we spent this whole week at the Hospital and getting tests done and we didn’t leave to work until Saturday night.   He´s better now but had a fever for like 7 days, was coughing a ton, was throwing up and getting dehydrated. so.. yeah it was interesting. 

I have only met like two of our investigators and very few members.   But from what I’ve seen it´s a good area, just super small.   They´re reforming our chapel here in our area so we have to go like half hour away walking.  But we´ll do work here, and it’ll all work out.

In sacrament meeting this man told a story. 
There was a working man that was working for his boss. His boss told him he needed to build a bunch of houses.  So the man built them.  Then the boss told him to build more houses, so he built them.  He got done and the boss told him to build more houses.  The mas was tired but built them anyways.  At the end the worker went to his boss and showed him the work that was done.  He said, ``well done, but now I need you to make one more house, a GREAT house. and you can build it however you want, it just needs to be good, and money is not a problem, do whatever you need to.`` so the man went, super tired and built a house that was very very very simple, but a good house. With nothing special or anything, because he was tired.  When he finished, feeling accomplished, he took the house key and gave it to his boss and said, it´s done!  The boss took the key, and gave it back to the man and said, ``it´s yours´´.  The man felt terrible because if he would have spent more time, and made a better house, he would have a much better house.  But he was ´´tired`` and did the minimum, and now he´s stuck with the minimum.

This story can be interpreted many many ways, so I’ll just leave it for you to interpret it how you want.  This man that gave the talk was awesome.  THE best talk I have heard on my mission by far. He´s hilarious too!

Have a great week. Love yuuhh! Ha ha
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr