June 6, 2014

Email 6-2-14

You might as well call me the wedding planner!
K and G were married this week, on Thursday. The wedding was simple but they know that here in a year after the baptism will be one that is much much more special! They were baptized along with K´s mom too. 
Remember D and V, the couple we baptized like two months ago? Well yeah, they´re the best! We have been teaching her nephew and preparing him for baptism. He was baptized Sunday, and guess who baptized him!?!?!? D! his uncle/recent convert. It was SO awesome!
I´m so happy for everything that I was able to do in that area. 
Oh yeah.. by the way.. today was transfers. and I left :( But I know that I'll be able to help alot of people here too. 
I was in my last area for 4 months on the dot, and was able to baptize 17 people. ALMA 26:12 ;)
When we got there the attendance was 75-80 and now it is 120-125. I am so grateful that I was a part of that marvelous work.
I left Elder Bramwell there and his new companion is his ´´pai`` on the mission. The missionary that trained him. They´re going to continue to tear it up over there!! We already have like 6 confirmed baptisms there. He will be sure to send me the pics! ha ha

Now I'm in Conjunto Ceará. All that I have heard about this ward is that it´s been worked and worked and worked... and that EVERYONE has already heard from the missionaries. ha ha That´s the same thing people told me when I got into my last area. But the lord always prepares people to HEAR and ACCEPT this message. 
I know this church is true. And if you don't, kneel down and ask God with faith if it is. And he WILL answer you. I make this promise as a representative of the lord Jesus Christ.
I dont even know how to put my thoughts into this e-mail!
I´m just so happy ha ha!!

Mom, remember that picture you sent me for Christmas and said I could give it to some one special that I met?? I gave it to D and V! They loved it!

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr