June 23, 2014

Email 6-16-14

This week was good.. NOT.

SO, because of the world cup games, and some of them being here in Fortaleza, it´s super dangerous for us to be in the street because there are tons of excited crazy people and others are rioting...

We still leave to teach when the games are not happening, but during the games the streets are full of drunk people that just want to yell or talk to us about the games, or fight us because we´re…. well at least I am white.. ha ha

We deep cleaned our house, studied a bunch.. normal things.
President said we had to stay at home and get to know our companions.. I basically know everything about Elder Espinal now! Ha ha ha

There is a new Missionary couple serving here now.   Elder and Sister Evans! They´re awesome, just met them today when we went and got materials from the office. 

I ate sushi for the first time in Brasil this week.   We went the other night and got it.   It was good, but not like AMAZING.

We´ll probably go back more just to eat something besides rice, beans and chicken every once in a while.

There´s not a whole lot to write.. But I hope everyone is well and happy, and ready for Brasil to win the cup! ;)

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr