November 4, 2014

Email 10-20-14

Ok,  And remember that family that we taught that was baptized, D and J ??????   From Jatobá???

Well, I saw them Yesterday!!!!!!   He is now the Elders Quorum President of their ward, she works with the young women, and their son turned 12 and has the Priesthood and is serving in his Quorum.     AAANNNDDD in August they went to the Recie, Brasil Temple to be sealed for time and ETERNITY!    That is why I’m here!   Seeing them literally made everything worth it!   Two years of walking, suffering and getting sick.. All worth it.  Knowing that a whole family will be able to enter into the kingdom of heaven!   I love them and I am so happy for them!!!   

We met a lady that moved into our ward the same exact day that I got here and she´s already been to church many many times and wanted to be baptized.   She was not baptized because her husband wouldn’t let her, but sadly he passed away 5 months ago..   They were devastated, but that God has a greater plan for them and they will be entering into the waters of baptism this Sunday! 

I was studying in Alma 24:27... And I immediately thought of them..   We shared that story with them and bore our testimonies.   Few people I know would trust in God as much as they are.. They´re amazing!!

Besides that, everything is pretty normal here..   We´re working out butts off.. 
President told me to end my mission, and leave my mark.. sooo.. here I go!! Ha ha

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
They´re (D and J and family) so awesome!! 
They poked their head into the room I was in.. we were in a meeting and I stood up and ran out and they all stood back and  looked at me and said, WOW!! You´re so different!!!   And I started talking and they said, WOWWW you speak Portuguese now!!!    It was a special moment.   It made EVERYTHING worth it! One of the boys got there a little after and said, ‘wow! He´s skinny!!’   Ha ha it was awesome. 
They changed a bunch too!!!   I’ll tell more about that when I get home. :)

Wish you could have seen my reaction….   Like a little kid at Christmas!!! 
Everyone in the meeting was like.. What the heck!?!?!!?     Then my companion explained and they all understood! Ha ha

It was probably the best moment of my whole mission!!

Love you guys!!    have a great week!