November 4, 2014

Email 10-27-14

At the beginning of this week we were walking and we saw this alcoholic that we teach and he had been drinking, but he was still not drunk.. but he wanted to see the church and so we took him there that second.. we took him on a tour and started with the classrooms, and then went to the baptismal font, then went to the cultural room, then went into the overflow and told him that we were about to step into the most important room in the whole church.. and as I was explaining that, my companion went in and turned on all of the lights.   As I opened the curtain, the room was so lit up and it was all PERFECT.. the guy lit up and said, ``give me just a second`` then he went and sat down and started balling like a little baby for like ten minutes. When he calmed down we sat by the sacrament tables and talked about what it represents and talked about the Atonement for a bit.  We testified that Jesus suffered for our sins so that we can be happy.  When we were explaining about that he started balling again... it was awesome... he accepted a baptismal date and everything. 
He will have to show alot of faith and desire to be able to change.. I know he is capable of that change.  It was way cool. 

We also baptized K, and were going to baptize her daughter but had a Little difficulty... ha ha so she´ll be baptized next week.   She´s perfect!! She was definitely prepared. . . I'll try to send pics.. if this computer lets me.. 

This week was awesome.. I haven't died yet! ha ha ha   I´m still going strong.. ;)

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr