November 4, 2014

Email 10-6-14

We just recieved the transfers aaannddddd............
I´m leaving again..........
that means I´ve stayed one transfer with my last 5 companions.. 
AAAnyways.. This week was good, we baptized B. She was married on Wednesday and she got baptized on Saturday. It was supposed to be in between the conference sessions but here, the Branch couldn't get the Internet to work in the chapel, so we didn't watch conference. We only caught parts of the last session last night. But Elder Bednar's talk was great!  Can´t wait for the Liahona to come out to be able to read the talks.. ha ha
The baptism was good though. Whoever stays here will have to work hard to baptize her husband. Some things happened in the church that he got annoyed about, but that´s nothing that spirit can´t change.

I´ll be going to the ``Bairro`` Bom Jardim.  Not the same area I started in, but the same stake.  Which will be cool.  The ward is called Cecília.  I´ll stay there for this last month and a half. Then it´s over.  They sent me my itinerary.. and I´ll fly in on Tuesday the 18th.

I don't really know what else to say.. I had a bunch of things but the transfer call messed up my train of thought. 
But... I´m good and anxious to see my new area.

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
from Shannon:  All 5 missionaries in that city got transferred and 1 finished his mission and went home.    I'm glad we got those awesome pictures of the mountain climbing last week before he transferred and look forward to hearing about all his amazing adventures in Bom Jardim!