November 13, 2014

Email 11-10-14

Everyone keeps telling me that this is my last p-day, but I can’t comprehend that thought.. It feels like I’ll be coming back to these little LAN houses to go into my mission e-mail to write these same letters forever!!   But I know it will come to an end. 

This week we had the opportunity to confirm the lady that was baptized last week, and baptize her daughter this week.  It was such an awesome experience. 

They are a really special family, they have a very special place in my heart, as do most of the people I’ve met here.

We´ve been teaching Luana and her family and she and her brother are progressing well, and they are on track for baptism this week along with the brother of a recent convert.   We´re doing good, and I’m doing my best to finish strong!!! 

This week will be super crazy!!   There´s conferences and family home evenings and I won’t explain what it´ll be until next week.. cause I want to have things to talk about.. okay!?!?    okay! :)

Thank you everyone for your support, prayers, letters, and thoughts...
You have no idea how much it helped me get through and experience everything that I did. 

Until next week. 

-ELDER Kyler Blane Farr.