November 4, 2014

Email 11-3-14

HA HA HA right when I think things won’t change.. THEY DO!! Ha ha
We got a new missionary.. I’m in a trio now. 

There were two missionaries that got here Tuesday morning from São Paulo. They were in the US waiting for their visas for like a year or so and just got to come. Anyways.. our newbie is Elder Mortensen.. (You should see Brazilians try to say his name.. it´s awesome.)

This week was good though. We met an ELECT!!!   She´s awesome. 
So we´re in like the SUPER GHETTO but this girl is legit.. she prays and read the little pamphlet we gave her, and she´s reading the Book of Mormon.

Everyone at church on Sunday was asking her what ward she´s in just because she was participating in the classes and reading and answering questions.   Like the best investigator I’ve had on the mission.   We haven’t set a date for her yet, but we´re trying for my last Sunday.

Testimony meeting was a tough one.... I was sitting there in the stools?? in the congregation and I realized that it would be my LAST FAST AND TESTIMONY MEETING ON THE MISSION.. so I got up and almost lost it!   I made it through though.

Katia was not confirmed and her daughter was not baptized because yesterday was a holiday where everyone goes to the cemiterio to see their dead loved ones graves and what not.. And how her husband passed away 5 months ago..... they didn’t go to church.. We´ll get em though. 

Love ya!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr