December 30, 2012

Letter 12-28-12

Hello family,

We have pretty much the same things going on.. not a whole lot of new things. Just the repetition of daily activities, but the things we study are always different, which is good!

Christmas was so amazing! I don't know that it was the BEST that I have ever had, But definitely the most spiritual! Not a moment passed when the spirit wasn't with us at some point or another during the day!

We are going to sing the EFY medley in sacrament meeting. Nephi's courage, sung by the Elders and Sisters in? of? Zion.. Forgot the name! oops sorry. But it is only my district.. For about 68 members in our branch. I am super excited. I think it's my two favorite songs put together!!
Okay! so today for our P-day we got to go to the temple and help clean it, with the renovations. It was awesome. We helped for about three and a half hours! I had a blast. We cleaned the whole kitchen pretty much! Loved it. But afterwards, the Temple security took us on a tour! We got to go up to the fourth floor, and see what was up there. And we got to see the bridal room, where the brides get dressed and what not for their weddings. It was so cool to see some of the things in the temple that people wouldn't normally see! :)

For one of our personal study times, we went onto or of one of those.. I cant remember, but we watched some of the "mormon messages' there is one called sanctify yourselves about a football team. Watch it! It goes along with a scripture we read yesterday. Alma 26:12. Anything is possible through Faith and Prayer. I love it. Read Alma 26 for family time or something! I love it. I definitely feel that it is one of the most powerful chapters in the scriptures.

I'm late writing because we cleaned the Temple.. If I have time later or something, maybe during the week I will write some thoughts down. In more detail. It is hard to put all my thoughts into an E-mail in a way that is organized!
anyways.. love you all! hope everything is well!
Love, Elder Kyler Blane Farr