September 16, 2013

Email 8-12-13

       Okay, so we just walked like 30 minutes to get here to the LAN house to e-mail.   We went to another area to have a barbecue with the Bishops family of that ward.   They invited us.   They’re so awesome.   There is a missionary that served here like 2 years ago and he’s back visiting for a while.   He’s from Salt Lake.   So, we got to visit with him for a while, eat a ton, and we played some games and what not.   That’s why I’m on here later too.    but anyways..
       This week was good!   There is a kid on the Favela.   His whole family was baptized like a year and a half ago, but he was too young to.   And the family is all inactive so they didn’t have a lot of contact with the missionaries and stuff.   So, we were walking in there earlier this week and they came up to us in the street. Turns out, he basically remembers everything about the church and wants to get baptized.   We put them to the test.   We told him if they went to church this week, all of them, and the next week, then we could see if he’s really serious, then can be baptized.   There are so many people in that favela that are inactive members. So, we are trying our best to decide, with help from the lord, who will actually stay active, and be serious about entering into the sacred covenant of baptism.   So, we went to their house Sunday morning to get them.  (like a 30 minute walk)  We were doubting they would go, but we had faith. :)   They were all ready, and they had even invited their two cousins to go  . It was awesome.   The kids are between like nine and twelve years old.   It’s so cool to see their determination.   So, if everything works out and they continue to keep doing the right things, he will be able to be baptized this next Sunday.
       We have also been working a ton with ().   She has some doubts still but everything is working out.   She just thinks she has to know every little thing about the church to be baptized.   That’s why we have the lessons.   To show people the importance of it, and to learn the basics.   And to pray about to know for themselves if it is true or not.   Then they enter make the covenant, or promise that they will do some things, and in return, God will do some things also.   Then they can keep learning week after week at church for the rest of their lives as they are enduring to the end! :)   We are praying that she will recognize the importance.
       Transfers are next week!   No one knows for sure, but I think I’ll be leaving these areas,   It’s not very likely to close an area, but I think both Elder Briggs and I will leave.   We don’t know anything for sure yet, it’s just what we’re thinking.   I think it would be best, there’s a little drama over here..   But whatever happens, it’s for the best.   We’ve tried to contact that other family, the reference from the Bishop, but they aren’t wanting ANYTHING.   We walked up the other day, as we were arriving we saw three people of the porch, they saw us, then went inside.   We went and clapped at the door, no one came.... we clapped again..  a boy comes out and tells us that he’s the only one there.   We got kind of irritated and left.   Then thought, why are we mad!?!?   Our job is to invite others to come unto Christ. That’s what we did, or tried to do.   But they rejected.   People don’t realize that we are trying to bring them the happiest thing that anyone could offer and they don’t want it.   I am just glad that I have it.   The Restored Gospel.   I’m so grateful for the happiness that it has brought to my life, and that I get the opportunity to share it with others.

The time feels like it’s passing fast!   Eight months already.   I just have to do that two more times then I’m home.   I just can’t wait to help as many people as possible, and ill let you know where I’m at next week.   If I get transferred or not.

And to answer your questions..
I don’t remember how much I had lost the last time I said.. But I’m down 48 pounds as of two weeks ago. Cool huh?
My blood pressure is fine, I’m still on half the amt. from when I left.   We’ll see if it gets low again with time.. I’m sure it will though.   But that’s a good thing.
And it was my hammock in the background of that picture you saw!
Have a great week!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr