September 16, 2013

Email 9-9-13

Those pictures are awesome!
This week was one of the most difficult ones I’ve had on the mission.   I felt like I worked harder than ever before, but close to no results came from it.   We just need to keep working and working, and everything will go how the lord has planned.   It was good though.
There is a lady that has been taught everything and is basically a member of the church already, but she has super bad knee problems and can’t be baptized for now, and can’t go to church.   We make it a point to go by once a week just to show her that we’re still thinking about and praying for her.   We showed up with kind of a lesson plan, but with the idea of winging it.   She wanted to say the prayer to start and after, she said, ``I need my book``.   I wanted to go get it for her but she made me sit down.   She waddled over to her room and got her book of Mormon that is COMPLETELY marked up.   She started talking about how she was having a super hard day and she sat down with her book of Mormon and prayed.   She asked the lord to show her something to make her feel better.   She opened up to a scripture in Mosiah.   I forgot exactly which one, but it talks about how the lord visits people in their afflictions.   It was awesome.   She went on to bear her testimony in tears how she knows she isn’t a member yet, but she knows every bit of what the church teaches is true.   Afterwards I told her that when we first sat down I had the idea in my mind to teach her something. But she ended up teaching me a few life lessons.   She strengthened my testimony and reminded me why I am on a mission.
We got a reference from the mission office this week for a man.   Not knowing anything about him, we went there, he invited us in and we began talking.  In the house is him, his wife who is pregnant, and their son. The best part of the whole situation is that they’re MARRIED!   It’s a miracle to see two young people married in this country.  They always just live together, which is okay too, we just get to help them get married first. :)  He was talking about how they used to go to a different church but stopped 5 months ago. He felt like there was something more out there.  And then he started working with a member of the church that sent us his name.  He’s golden.  They accepted the message super well and agreed to ask God if it is true.  We tried going over Saturday to teach again but they weren’t home.   We’ll go by this week and everything will go as planned.
One of the young men that went to the temple this week came back so excited to help others. He invited his friend to church, who then invited his other friend. They loved it, and they want to learn more.  Plus, all of their friends are members too! :)   I’m sure I’ll have more news on them next week.
My birthday was good.   I got a box of chocolates from some girl I don’t even really know who isn’t even in my ward.   It was cool though.   Some members wrote me letters and what not.   They’re awesome.   We bought a cake, and I made ``mousse de goiaba``.   It was a pretty normal day other than that.   We had church and tons and tons of meetings.   And we divided with a member (Idarlan) and taught a ton of less active members.   It was a good birthday.
Have a good week! Love you all.
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr
Other news:
Sometimes the mail is weird, so one time I got like 5 letters one week and none the week before. But basically every week I do. Everyone hates me and says I’m the first American to get something every week of my mission. :)
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 
Feijoada is I think what we made before the mission, Black beans, sausage, pig fat..
Baião is just beans and rice mixed, usually with cheese.
And panelada basically has everything inside of a cow. In like a stew.
Thank you for all of the pictures, and all of the letters from family. And I got (I mean Bishop) letter also, from him.   So he must have gotten my real e-mail put back on.   Thanks for everything you do!   I have the best family EVER!
I didn’t get to e-chat but I love you!!    Have a wonderful week. !!!!!!

:) loves