September 20, 2013

Email 9-16-13

Our Zone Leaders showed up this afternoon at our house wanting to watch a movie. So, we called the Bishop counselor to get the keys and went over. We had some difficulties getting it to work but everything ended working out. But, that´s why I´m on so late!!
This week was good and bad all at the same time.
I ended up with a super bad cold again. Which doesn´t make a lot of sense here in Brazil. I´m just with a sore throat and a cough. But none of that matters. We taught more lessons this week than any other week on my mission. On Friday alone we taught twelve lessons. Our average is like five or six. It was awesome. Two weeks ago we had a super good week, last week was pretty rough and the mission president wrote and said he was kind of worried about the numbers from last week. I wish I could see the look on his face when he sees how we worked our butts off this week.
I was thinking about all of the lessons we taught and which ones I wanted to tell you guys about. I wish I could just write about every single one.
But, we got a list from the Stake of people that's church records got lost for the past 10-15 years or so and they just magically popped up out of no where. Last Sunday we went out with some members and contacted all of them and set up appointments to go see what their situations are. So one guy, he was baptized in the eighty's and hasn´t had any contact with the church. But when we got to his house there was music playing so loud. I clapped my loudest and somehow he heard it. He came to the door with a huge smile on his face and welcomed us right in. He said ``will you guys please come in and pray with me.`` YES! We went in and taught him a part of the plan of salvation, left him wanting more and remarked another visit. There were also two families that we will be teaching this next week where one of the parents were baptized a long time ago and want to come back now with their kids. It was awesome.

We had a meeting with the bishop yesterday and we were asking for references from the people in the room. The Bishop was like.. ``this is lame, let me make some phone calls`` He gets on the phone and calls a recent convert and asked her if on Tuesday she would have two of her friends at her house for us to teach. She agreed. He called one boy and told him to take five of him friends to a Family Home Evening. He agreed. (we´ll be going by there today) And he asked (), one of the guys in the meeting if he had anyone we could teach. He said, ``yeah actually I do.`` Then he told a story of when he was at the church one night doing some paperwork and had the feeling to go out into the parking lot. He went out and saw a man just standing there looking up at the building. He went up and started talking to him and the guy had all kinds of questions about the church and wanted to know everything about it. He marked for us to teach him and his family at his house on Tuesday.
This week alone my testimony of member missionary work had grown so much. My companion and I did contacts in the street for a week straight, contacted them and not a lot of results came from it. We ask for some names of some people that the ward members know, and our week ends up being full of people to teach. People that are ready to hear and accept the message. We all know people and think.. oh they will never accept it. How can we judge that. We have to give them the opportunity!

I´m so grateful for the awesome members we have here in these wards.
I don't have a ton of time, but I just wanted to share these thought with you!
Have a great week!!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr