September 16, 2013

Email 8-26-13

This week was pretty awesome!  One of the kids we have been teaching (2 years ago he was taught by another missionary, that is now my zone leader.)  Anyways, he was never baptized, but his family was.  We were able to teach all of the lessons and what not, refreshing his mind of everything, and started talking about the baptismal interview. He said he only wanted Elder () (the elder from 2 years ago.) to do it.   I talked to that Elder, and he said our district leader had to do it.   I talked with the kid,  and he got really nervous and didn't want to do it.   So, later that day I went over and talked to my district leader and we decided to just go over to the boy's house and see what he thought of him.   They ended up clicking right then and we asked him once again about the interview  . He looked up at our district leader and said, ``is it okay if we do it right now?``   Good thing I took the church keys with me just in case! :)   We went to the Chapel and he passed!! It was awesome.   So he was baptized after church yesterday.   Elder () was able to come and baptize him, which was super awesome.
We were walking by a house the other day and we heard this lady talking to her husband about the Book of Mormon.   I stopped, looked at her, and said, ``this book?`` and showed it to her.   She got super excited and invited us in.   She had been given the book weeks ago and didn’t know really anything about it.   She has already read about half of it.   She is very very active in the Evangelical church and invited to pray to know for herself, if the book of Mormon, and what we were teaching her is true.   But, she had so many questions about things that don’t even matter.   I tried explaining everything but she just interrupted me with more questions.   Tomorrow we’re going to take a member with us to help teach her.   Everything should go well.
My companion and I made History yesterday too!   It was the first time in two years that the missionaries had been at the executive committee meeting.   We had made some goals with the ward, and they loved it.   We will be having one member leave with us, every day this week.   This ward is super ready to help us and that makes me want to help them even more.
As we are taking care of two wards, later that day we tried presenting the same goals with the other ward. They pretty much just told us that they have their own goals, and they will stick with theirs.   It was super annoying.   We are hare to do missionary work to help THEIR ward grow and prosper.   And they don't want our help.   We’ll continue to do our work, but it was just pretty annoying..
We have some good people we’re teaching that we contacted in the street.   We will have to keep teaching them to know for sure if they are going to continue to progress or not though.   I’ll report on them next week!
  -Elder Kyler Blane Farr

LAN means local area network. It’s just a building with lots of computers and you pay by the hour to use them.   That’s where we e-mail, from a lan house.
(on wearing his suit – doesn’t he look so nice in it!  From what we were told before he left, we didn’t think he’d ever wear it while in Brazil!!)   yeah... it’s the worst!!!   It gets so hot.....
It was at the mission conference, with all of the missionaries in our mission there. They’re fun though so we can see all of our friends. :)
I’m not exactly training.   My comp just got done being trained.   He has 3 months but basically speaks nothing at all.   It’s hard, but I’m learning a ton.   It’s been interesting!
I’m glad the truck is done!   I bet dad is so happy!
(we asked him if he would like us to put some money in his account so he could take his comp for a special lunch on his birthday)   A special lunch doesn’t really exist here.. just rice and beans everywhere  ha ha,
Love you mom!   Have a wonderful week!   I am feeling well!!   Everything is great, I’m so glad I’m here.
Love you!!   Until next week...
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