September 25, 2013

Email 9-23-13

Okay, ha ha              I was reading my last letter and the one that BISHOP sent out, and I just wanted to clear it up.   We taught 38 lessons this last week - 12 in just one day.   Not to be ``that guy`` but we’re working our butts off!!   We have had this little competition going on in our Zone and I don’t have any doubt in my mind that we’re going to win.

Anyways, this week was great. We have been teaching a man for the past week and he has shown a desire to be baptized.   We went to his house and taught him everything necessary to be a member of the church.   One day we got there and he wasn’t there.   It was a perfect opportunity to talk to his mom though.   I asked her what she thought about him meeting with us, and if he had the desire to be baptized if she would accept it and let him be.   She is awesome, the most excited woman I have ever met in my life.   She said they would let him and that she maybe even would go and watch.   So, we set a date for his baptism to be Sunday (yesterday) and got everything ready, the Baptismal ``Ficha``(not sure what it’s called in English..) and the baptismal interview all done.   We have a meeting every Sunday at 7:45 with the Bishoprich and after the meeting we were going to go pick him up at his house for church at nine.   We get out of the meeting at like 8:20 and he was already at the church!    All of the other young men were setting up the sacrament and stuff and he was watching them do it, learning how and what not.   This kid is legit!

We have been trying to help reactivate this guy.   We went over and asked him what his name was.   (We had his full name but here they have like a hundred names.)   And he told us () which was none of the names on the list but is the name of a famous singer here.   I was kind of confused but he invited us in so we just went with it.   As we entered his house we then found out why he calls himself ().   His living room is full of pictures of this singer.   AND!  He has a room FULL of old records.   He is a fan to the max!   We will be having a talent show on Saturday and we invited him to sing there and he accepted!   I can’t wait!

Me and my companion were wondering how much we walk every day.   Luckily he has a pedometer!   He wore it one day and we looked that night.   Ten miles.   And we didn’t even walk as much as we do some of the other days.   Good luck....

This week was the most fun, and most rewarding week of my whole mission!
I love this place!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

I think it would be easier to look up recipes of the food names I send home than on google translator.  My favorite is Baião with Banana!   Like in the picture.   It’s not really Baião though. 
(  he’s right, but google is funnier!!   J  )

Did you see the scorpião!?!?!?!?!?!?!?   I want to make sure you saw all of the pictures.  ESPECIALLY the one of the scorpion. :)   We went to the other elders house last night and found like 20 cockroaches (no joke) and the scorpion.  So we killed it and got some awesome pictures  :)

I Love you too!   I love what this experience is doing to me too! :)   It’s the best.
Have a wonderful week.   LUUVV YUUHHH