March 17, 2014

Email 2-17-14


Life gets more stressful and your time disappears as a Zone Leader. We get home every night and have to follow up with all of the District leaders and make sure everything is good.. Especially with the sisters.  You know how they can be  ;)

This week we worked with a lady, preparing her for her baptism that happened on Sunday.  She had a few things that could have gotten in the way of the baptism but in the end, everything worked out.  She was super excited, and entered into the waters of baptism yesterday.  She chose me to baptize her which made me nervous because she´s kind of... touchy..   But I kept my distance and it was all good!   Ha ha ha

The ward members basically all love us now.   If we keep up the pace we have going, we´ll baptize more people this month than this ward has baptized in the past year.  It´s awesome to see how, through us, God helps his children.

The 70 year old man that was baptized last week was confirmed.   We truly saw how when people are doing the right thing, barriers get put in their path.   Like this man, he was hit by a bike this week and his leg got all messed up!   Good thing he´s in shape!   Ha ha ha he couldn’t walk to church, but we got a ward member to go pick him up in his car.

This letter is so scattered I know, but I’m doing the best I can!!    Ha ha ha

We had some good investigators at church and two of them are possible baptisms for next Sunday. Two ladies. One with 25 years and the other with like 40 or so. They loved the church and stayed to watch the baptism.   I know they felt the spirit the same way I did!!   We have many other possible baptisms here in a few weeks, we just have to get them to church!!

OH YEAH!!   We met this couple last week, I contacted into them actually.   They are super awesome and loved the message and want to learn more.   The only problem is they aren’t married... BUT!   We grabbed their documents and went to the center and marked their marriage.   They have been wanting to get married for a while now but don’t have the financial conditions.  I´m so grateful to be here and to help the people come closer to God through the Restored Gospel!   They accepted a baptismal date for March.. I forgot the day.. but I’ll let you know when it happens!   Ha ha ha..

Anyways, have a great week.. love you all|!!

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

In an e-chat we had with him, he said that it’s great being so busy but he’s so wiped out all the time!!  But it’s good and they have tons of potential baptisms here in a few weeks!
Also, the busier they are, the faster the time goes by!
His good friend, Elder Levi, finally got his VISA and flew to Brasil today.  He’s very excited for him and has been told that he is going to the hottest city in Brasil, but that he will LOVE it!