March 17, 2014

Email 3-3-14


This week was super good!  We worked a bunch, as always...
We have been working with this less active family here in the ward that is returning to church. We figured out that they have a son that wasn´t baptized yet!! We taught him the things he needed to be taught and threw him into the interview! He passed and was baptized on Sunday. We had some awesome investigators there to watch too. One of the ladies we baptized a few weeks ago was helping a lady that was baptized by the other missionaries.  It was awesome to see how someone we helped, is helping others now! :)

On our way to church there was this man in the road that stopped us. He was SUPER drunk.. it´s Carnaval right now.. But he said he wanted to find Jesus and asked if we could stay and talk to him for a little while. We told him that we were going to the church meetings right then and that he was invited. He stood up and we left together. There is a member here that helped him to the Gospel Principles class and helped him to the bathroom and what not..  He then called his mom and told her that he was going to change his life and that he was going to join the church. We went to his house after church and taught him and set some goals and took out the temptation in his life. He prayed at the end of the lesson and balled his eyes out. He truly wants to change, And I am so grateful that I am here to be able to help him.

As it is Carnaval, ALL of the LAN Houses are closed.. so we are here in the church with very limited time. But Just know that I am happy, and that we are working and baptizing até o pó! (alot)  :)

Luv yuv!! Have a great week!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr