March 17, 2014

Email 3-17-14

Oh hey there!

Just a normal week here as a missionary here in Brasil. We had two awesome baptisms marked this week but with one of them, her mom went crazy on us and didn’t let her go.   And there other one fell through due to work.  Our investigator got home at like 4 in the morning and we couldn't get him to wake up! Ha ha ha.
Transfers was today and guess where I am!?!?!? ... in the same place.. and my companion too!!   I guess President recognized a companionship that works and decided to keep it that way!   I`m super excited!   We have made some super super good goals.    I am SOO excited.
One thing that we have figured out is if we work like every single other missionary on the mission, you get the same results as every other missionary on the mission.   If you want different results, you have to open up and try new things.   We have talked with the bishop here and have made some plans for some super crazy activities and stuff to get the ward excited!   I’ll let you know how it goes after it’s done.  :)
After the transfer meeting we went to an awesome Brazilian churrascaria.   It´s more of a thing in the south and there´s not a lot here, but we found this one.   It´s full of people from Rio Grande do Sul that came up here to open an awesome restaurant.   You sit down and just wait.. and the waiters all have a different type of meat.  They go table to table with a huge chunk of meat and a huge knife and they cut a piece right onto your plate.   It was so good!   They put out like rice and beans and the normal foods too but we went and ate salad and meat!   Ha Ha   it was soo good!
Nothing super weird or different happened this week. Just know that we´re working hard and we´re happy!!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

So this restaurant they went to today there are 10 different types of meat the servers walk around with; different types of beef, chicken, pork, chicken heart... the usual!  He says that cow heart is  better than chicken heart but the best meat is picanha!  He said, 'It's like a kidding!!"   (wikipedia - In Brazil, the most prized cut of meat tends to be the picanha, which is the rump cap of a cow)  This cut of meat is expensive and he's only eaten it twice since there.  The restaurant meal cost them 16 reais (around 7 or 8 American dollars) and it was all you can eat!  He also said his companion told him the churrascaria is way better in the south but that having real meat and something different was cool! 

Two of his favorite missionaries friends went home today.  One was from Idaho and a companion, and the other is from Paraquay and they shared a house together a few areas ago.  Kyler is only looking at around 8 months left on his mission!!  

I mentioned that in the picture I saw clouds and did that mean it was... dare I say it... cooler?  He replied, "noooo, it's so muggy and humid!! It's worse than when it's sunny!"  I then asked if there was no relief from the heat at all, except when the sun went down at night and he replied, "YEAH, but we still sleep with a fan blasted on our faces!"  Me, "So it's never cool there?"  Ky, " No. Never.  Only in the cold shower... but by the time you come out, you're all sweaty again."

Today they are making cards at the church with the Church's address on them and then will give them to EVERYBODY!!

In Preach my Gospel this month they are studying Christlike attributes.

He has lost 6.6 more pounds.