March 17, 2014

Email 2-3-2014

This week was pretty awesome.  D was finally baptized and he chose me to perform it.  It was so awesome.  This man has so much faith it is incredible.  He is 22 years old and has a girlfriend.  The first time we taught the law of chastity he took it to heart.  He promised us, the Lord and himself that he would keep all of the commandments.  His faithfulness to the Lord shines.  His girlfriend was so interested in the church.   Like why would someone leave so many things behind to be able to enter into the church? It’s because people realize that this is the actually the Lord’s church here on earth.  I’ll put some pics and send them when I finish this letter!   It was great though.

 Oh yeah, transfers were yesterday and I....... left.   I only stayed 7 weeks in my last area with Elder S.   Remember Elder P, my ``son`` on the mission.   He is now Elder S companion. So both of the missionaries that I trained, (my sons) are now companions.   It’s awesome.  I taught them everything they need to know to be able to help in the growing of the Lord’s kingdom. They know how to find, teach, and baptize.  I look forward to hearing about all of the success they will be having here in the future!

I got called to be a zone leader!   So I’m here with Elder E.  He’s from São Paulo and he has one more transfer than me on the mission.  He has like a year and three of four months.  We’re in the Parquelândia area.  So remember how I’ve opened three areas on my mission!?   Well now me and Elder E. are opening a zone!   We’re zone leaders in a brand new zone.   Our zone has TEN sister missionaries. It will be interesting!   And like four elders.

I’m super excited for this calling to be able to help these missionaries to the best of my ability.   My comp holds records in this mission.   He is SO LEGIT!   He’s a hard worker, and super funny.   We’re going to dunk so many people this transfer..

Have a wonderful week!!
-Elder Kyler Blane Farr