March 17, 2014

Email 2-9-14

Yeess.... I am so tired!   I have never been so wiped out in my life..

We have worked so hard this week, it flew passed. I feel like I was sitting in this exact spot sending an e-mail yesterday!

We were looking in our area book and doing some research of the area and we found out that this area, in the past year has only had 7 baptisms. ONLY 7.....  We got here and in the first week we taught a man and baptized him! :)   His name in R, he´s 70 years old and so elect!   Elder E baptized him.   It was awesome!   Everyone was asking be what area I am in and stuff and when I told them the name of my area they all got a sour look on their face and said.. oh, I’m sorry.. that’s the worst area in the mission.   That’s so stupid.   Bad areas don’t exist, but bad missionaries do.  On Tuesday we made over 50 contacts, just inviting people to go to church.  Some people accept and some not. The people that accept, we say, ``this week we will pass by your house and share a message with you and explain a little bit more about the church.``  It is the best.   We worked out butts off, and marked 5 baptismal dates, with many many more to be marked this week.   We have two possible baptisma this Sunday.  One of them is a lady named E.  We went to her house thinking it was somebody else.  We knocked on her door, and she said for us to wait a little bit.  When she came out she had two chairs in her hand for us to sit on.  We sat down thinking she was the girl we wanted to talk to.  (We talk with so many people sometimes we forget who is who.)  We later found out that we had never talked to her in the past, but she was very open to learn more!   We taught her and she actually wanted to be baptized.   We set the date and she went, and loved church!

The members here are so supportive!   One member has a Volkswagen bus that he uses on Sunday exclusively to take the missionaries with him to go pick up the investigators.   It was awesome.   Many people don’t have cars here, so it’s nice not to have to walk a half hour with the investigators to church.   This member is the man! :)

The other guy that went was T.   He wasn’t even going to go because of work but we got him to.   He had to leave a little bit early . We ended up talking in church.   He had to leave right after I talked.   But he loved the talks, and the spirit he felt in the church.   It’s impossible not to feel the spirit in the Lords true church, right? :)

I hope this is understandable.. It gets harder and harder to write in English every week!   Just know that I am happy, working hard, and preparing people to be able to enter into the kingdom of God!

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

A little more info:

From Cara:   We have a new Elder in our ward that looks like much so that Madison ran up to him after church, hugged his legs and asked, "Why were you gone so long?!" It was hilarious and SO cute!!! I didn't realized how much I missed Kyler until I saw that Elder today.

(When asked what he is doing today)    Sleeping.. I’m so wipéd out.  We worked so hard this week, we were about to start canceling lunch to be able to meet with all of our investigators!  Ha ha   we’re booked 10 in the morning-12 for lunch. Then 1:30-9:30 every day!!!   I’m DYING!   It feels so good to get home and know that you did everything in your power to help everybody possible in that day.

Even president last night on the phone said that we’re in the ``hole`` of the mission.   My comp was talking to him and said.. Well president, that makes things easier.. Just fill that hole up with water and baptize the people in it!  Ha ha ha

  (from Shannon:   The Lord picked a great team to put in the “hole of the mission!!”   :)   )