March 17, 2014

Email 3-10-14


This week was good! Kind of.. due to carnival, most of our investigators went out of town..  After 5 weeks straight of baptizing every week, our streak was broken.. Usually carnival is supposed to last a week here in Brazil.. but here in Ceará it lasts two! There were a few days where we were told to not even leave our house due to some of the things that were happening here in the city.   It´s all calmed down now and we have some good goals set for this week, and we plan on reaching all of them. Ha ha... 

We have been teaching this girl, J for like a week or so.. when we were able to leave, and she went to church and loved it!   We went over to her house afterwards and set a baptismal date for next Sunday.. Like a week from yesterday. 

There´s also a man that we´ve been teaching.   His wife is a member and her kids were baptized recently but the dad has some things that we have been helping him with.   We had him set his own date too, and he made it for Sunday, the 16th.   We´re all pretty excited about that too!   I love completing families.   Seeing the whole family receive the blessings that the Lord has in store for them. 

Yesterday we had a meeting with the leaders of the ward and we were on the topic of missionary work, one lady said she wanted to tell a story about something that happened to her that she didn’t want to happen to anyone else.   She said she had a neighbor that she always wanted to share the gospel with but she was kind of scared and nervous so she never really got around to it.   Well that neighbor got sick and moved in with her friend, who was her other neighbor!   One day this lady of the ward walked passed the house where the sick lady was, and she saw her sick, laying in a hammock.   She still wanted to share the gospel with her but was still scared.   She didn’t know what to say, or how to say it.   Well turns out this lady went into a depression and killed herself a short time later.  The lady of this ward went to the lady’s house that was taking care of her, just to see how things were and if there was anything she could do to help..   And the neighbor who was taking care of the sick lady said, ``no, there´s nothing you can do, everything is fine here.. but something that I just thought you should know.``   And she went on to say that a short time before the lady killed herself, she told the lady that was taking care of her that she had always wanted to meet with the Mormons.  She wanted to know what ``they`` were all about!   The only feeling this lady was left with was Remorse.   Something that could not be undone.  Now there´s only one thing that can be done, temple work, right? ;)   But take this story as a lesson.   Don’t be scared to share the gospel. You don’t think that missionaries are nervous, or scared sometimes. I know from personal experience that missionary work is not easy, but it is something that has to be done.   If you feel like you can´t talk to your friends about the gospel, DONT.. just write their name down on a piece of paper with their address and give it to the missionaries. They will know what to do and how to do it. 

That story was really hard to write.. I hope you can understand.. I’m going to have to take an English class when I get home, to learn how to talk again.. ha ha

-Elder Kyler Blane Farr

a little from our e-chat:
When I asked him what they were going to do today, he said, SLEEP!!!!   They are working so hard and been so busy -- he's looking forward to a nap!
He has to go shopping because his clothes are falling off of him!!  (from his weight loss)  He said that his comp makes fun of him and tells him his pants look like pajamas!!  ha ha ha
And he got a weird rash on his hand that he had to buy some medicine for.
"We´re eating SUPER healthy now to keep our bodies healthier.   Bad food just builds off of the stress and makes everything worse."
"We´re just doing our work here and praying alot!!"  
"...we´re just staying positive and baptizing people"
"....writing an e-mail (to him) takes like ten minutes or less, but it makes my whole week better!"
And he sends hugs out to everyone!