December 30, 2012

Email 12-14-12

Minha Familia!

Tudo Bem means all is well. You use it as a greeting All is Well? and respond the same way All is well!

Tudo bem?

Tudo bem! (pronounced Too-doo Bang - you say it like 'bang' but DON'T emphasize the 'g')

And, obrigado is used the same way we were saying it, but instead of an 'oh' sound, it is an 'oo' sound at the end!

I agree, being here is the best Christmas present I could ask for too! :)

I was sad when I read about the Christmas lights! That was my thing :( JUST KIDDING... sorry but this is better!

You said, I'm your hero? NO! You're my heroes. I wouldn't be here without you guys guiding me every step of my life. Even though I didn't make it easy for you to help guide me, I enjoy that you did! I was pretty horrible to you! I'm sorry! I hope you can forgive me. I love you so much - everyone!

The Temple today was amazing! The spirit follows us everywhere! at the MTC! In the Temple! Everyone lit up when they saw us! Talking about how much they love it when we go there!

We ate breakfast at the Temple too.

Eu Sou grato por o Evangelha! (I am so grateful for the Gospel)
Eu Sei que o evengelho de Jesus Cristo e vendadiers! (I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true!)
(If there are errors in spelling - it is because I'm trying to transfer words I don't know from his handwriting!!! forgive me!)

There's my 2 cents! :) Elder Kyler Blane Farr