December 30, 2012

Letter 12-21-12

This week has been pretty awesome. I can't remember if I already wrote about this, but we finished teaching our investigator. It was a great learning opportunity, to try to teach someone you can't understand! :) am so grateful for the gift of tongues! There is no way we would have been able to understand what he was saying, or for him to understand us, if we hadn't prayed for the ability to understand him before.

Because of the holidays, our teachers are going home so we have several substitutes that we are teaching instead. But, we are only teaching them once, so that means we get to teach the first lesson several times! We are getting pretty good at it. We were able to teach our last two investigators while using relatively no notes. It is a wonderful feeling being able to understood!

My companion is very musically talented, and he drug me along to choir practice with him. It was actually pretty amazing! Almost our whole district goes, it is so much fun. There are probably about 80-100 missionaries in it. I know you'll be surprised that I'm singing in the choir. But I pretty much just sit in the bass section with my district and mouth the words! :)

Aside from classroom instruction, and language study, we have been doing some scripture study after our lessons. I don't think I have ever felt the spirit so strongly in my life. The 12 members of my district, and our teacher. Reading from a different chapter from the Book of Mormon every day, it is amazing. There are chapters I have read several times in my life, but he always seems to point out something new! Something I would have never thought of. It is great to get every one's opinions/different points of view. The spirit is so strong!

You asked if I have been writing in my journal - of course I have. I haven't missed a day!

Love you, Elder Kyler Blane Farr