December 26, 2012

First letter

This is Elder Farr's first letter to home!

Shannon said: Hi! I'm so sorry I haven't gotten his letters out sooner. I'll send them one at a time in the order that they came. Some of them are emails and some are sent snail mail. Some are edited for personal reasons but you're getting the meat of his experiences. This one was the day after he entered the MTC - Dec. 6th.

The MTC is great! I don't feel too homesick....yet!! The first day we got here, we got our name tags, then we went to our classroom and began learning Portuguese. They sure do rush us into things here! :) Most of the words we looked up before I left, we were pronouncing all wrong. But that's okay because I have the next 6 weeks to learn how to pronounce them correctly! There are about 12 members in our district and all but 3 of them are all going to Fortaleza. So chances are, I will definitely be seeing more of these people, even out in the field! (if my VISA ever comes, that is)

My companion, Elder P____, is pretty awesome! We are similar in the way we act and communicate with others. Our senses of humor are very similar as well. Tomorrow (Friday) we get to teach "V____" our first investigator. All in Portuguese. I think they set you up to fail! But, it will help us learn it faster! I AM OKAY! :) Everything is all good! Tudo Bem!! :) Look that up!

I saw Elder F____again at breakfast! It was pretty awesome to see a familiar face! He seems so much more mature than most of us that got here yesterday. It was great to see him! Sister J____ got a picture with me and Elder P____ and said she would try to get K____ and I there for 'cookie time' and get pictures with us and our companions.

I just want to keep writing but I have things to do! I love all of you guys. I love the MTC. I love this Gospel and I pray daily for the Spirit to help us all learn the language! Love, Elder Kyler Blane Farr