December 30, 2012

Email 12-8-12 and info

Dear family,

Ola!! I hope you guys got my first letter! I haven't done this much studying ever in my life. But it is essential to be able to teach our investigator about the gospel in a way that he understands us. Most of our sentence structures are like..."If you to pray you to know truth." He seems to understand! We only get baout 3 hours every other day of time with an acutal teacher. Most of it is all on our own. Pretty much, we write out lesson plans in English, then do our best to translate them into Portuguese. Our first lesson was not good! We got shut down! He told us he didn't believe in God, he didn't want to pray, and he didn't have any questions. What a great first teaching experience....right? Today we were a little bit more prepared. We started with questions like, "If there was a God, would you want a relationship with him?" He said, "Well, I guess, if he did exist." We challenged him to try to know for himself through faith and prayer. He accepted our challenge to pray tonight! We will see if he actually did...probably not, but it is a start! :) All of the Elders in our district are so awesome. Our roommates are great!

I'm going to bed now (Saturday). I'll write tomorrow how Sundays go. Is there anything you would like to know? TCHAU!! :)

I miss you guys so much! This is hard, but worth it!! "I can sacrifice 2 years of my life, to help others for an eternity!" I wish I could write forever!

Sunday (the 9th) Sundays are the best!! Preisthood meeting, all of which is in Portuguese! I wish I understood all of it, but I can pick out some! Sacrament meeting too. I love singing in Portuguese! it is so soft and peaceful! I saw Kevin again at the fireside! (Elder Bednar's talk on character of Christ) It is so great to be able to talk to him. Our 'cookie appointment' is tomorrow with Sister Johnson. She'll get a picture wotj Kevin, me and our companions.

I'm not homsick, because I know I'm doing the right thing. But I miss everyone so much! Doctrine and Covenants 16:6 - That is why I'm here, to be the example to everyone! Love to all! :)

look up you can send letters on line and they come to me in a hard copy. P-day is Fridays!

From Shannon - if you sign up to send him letters via, it is free while he is in the Provo MTC and he will get the letter the same day if you send it in before noon. The information you need to send a letter to him this way is :

After you register for the site, on the right hand side of the page, under and to the right of the picture of the missionary, from the drop down menu you click on which mission you are sending it to - DO NOT CLICK ON FORTALEZA BRAZIL - CLICK ON PROVO MTC -FREE because that is where he is!!! We will also be able to send letters to Brazil this way when he gets over there but they are not free in that mission!

Then click on (right underneath the mission drop down menu) write a letter

The following is the information you will need to get it to Elder Kyler

Elder Kyler Farr
MTC mailbox - 230
mission code - BRA-FOR
estimated departure date - 0205
Type your letter in the box and send it. They print it off and deliver it to the MTC. A window will come up asking if you want to donate to keep this site running - you don't have to - your choice!